lunes, 26 de octubre de 2009

Age of Silence - Discografía

Género: Progressive Metal / Avant-garde
Orígen: Oslo, Noruega
Letras:Filosofía, Progreso de la humanidad

Aceleration (2004)


1.  Auditorium of Modern Movements
2.  Acceleration
3.  The Concept of Haste
4.  A Song For D. Incorporated
5.  The Green Office and The Dark Desk Drawer
6.  The Flow at 09:30 am
7.  Of Concrete and Glass
8.  90° Angles
9.  I No Longer Know If I Am Mad
10. Synthetic, Fabricated, Calculated

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Complications - Trilogy of Intricacy EP (2005)

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1. The Idea of Independence and the Reason Why it's Austere
2. Mr. M, Man of Muzak
3. Vouchers, Coupons and the End of a Shopping Session

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